Coastal Farm Escape

Safe Arrival of Baby Calf No 1


Baby Bull Calf, Moon Dance arrives.


DSC_1567 Rock Star and Love Sick Cow

are happy to announce

the safe arrival of

Moon Dance 

their first bull calf 

on 6 March 2016



Love Sick and a sister flank Moon Dance from the paparazzi

Flanked by a fellow sister to avoid the paparazzi, Love Sick introduced her baby bull calf, Moon Dance to his new world. The average birth weight of calves is 28.8 kilograms, with male calves weighing about 5-8% more at birth than females. This is a partial effect of the testosterone that begins being produced by day 45 of gestation. Bearing in mind his daddy, Rock Star, weighs about 900 kilograms and mum around 600 kilograms, Moon Dance has large cloven hooves to fill.

Baby Moon Dance finding his hooves

Baby Calf, Moon Dance finding his hooves

Love Sick was definitely not happy to receive the continuing attention of the paparazzi.
The thought of around 600 kilograms running in one’s direction was enough to keep us on the other side of the fence. Particularly, when she peels her ears back and eyeballs you.


Baby Calf, Moon Dance ‘s Bath Time

This is baby’s bath time and there’s no need for any special soaps or bath oils. Love Sick uses her long tongue to wash Moon Dance from the tip of his ears to the end of his tail. I remember the 6.00 pm routine when my children were little –the Bath, Bottle, Bath schedule. This lucky mum has everything she needs at her disposal, with no bottles, nappies, cots, pacifiers – the list goes on – required.


‘Paparazzi! Go away,’ says Love Sick

This is Love Sick in continued baby protection mode. It would take a brave soul to venture into the same paddock with her. Shortly after this photo was taken, a couple of unassuming Peewees, also known as Magpie-larks, flew in to introduce themselves. But mum was no mood for visitors and chased the birds away.


‘That’s It, paparazzi!’ Love Sick takes Baby Calf, Moon Dance away.

You know that feeling when you just want to get away from everyone? Well that’s what Love Sick felt and decided to take her bundle for a little baby time in privacy.

Oh and where is the daddy, Rock Star?
Like all good bulls he is spreading the love elsewhere.


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