Coastal Farm Escape

Springtime on the Farm

The Miracle of Springtime


These photos capture the recent change of seasons. Springtime has arrived at the farm with loads of warm sunshine. The frosty winter is now just a memory.



winter springtime
Goodbye to Jack Frost

Growing Vegetables

Such glorious weather has spurned us on to plant organic vegetable seedlings, into freshly composted soil, in our raised garden beds. We’re hoping summer will yield milky white spuds, plump tomatoes, multi-coloured capsicum, sweet corn, zucchini, peas, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, celery, spring onions, red onions, cauliflower and a variety of herbs.

how to grow organic vegetables
Planted Organic Vegetables
Farm to table
Everything is growing well

Fruit Trees

Our apple and fruit trees are now covered in leaves and blossoms. The citrus trees are showing off their fresh new growth. In no time, we’ll be reaching for the white oil to try and deter the visiting female citrus leafminers. Fingers crossed our cherry tree manages to fruit this year – we haven’t seen a cherry for a few years now. Perhaps the birds are beating us to the bounty.

fruit trees
Blooming Fruit Trees in Spring

Goodbye to a Dear Shetland Pony

Shetland Pony
Lollypop shortly before she passed away

It was with sadness that spring met the passing of Lollypop, our dear old Shetland pony, purported to be around 38 years old. Lolly kept Echo, our six year old Australian stock horse, company with her wisdom and steadfast affection.  We found her lying in the paddock and the family helped her back on to her hooves. Unfortunately, although Lolly’s heart still beat strongly, her old body could not support her. She was literally on her last legs.

Young Jess, our kind local vet came the next day and relieved her suffering. She is buried in the farm’s animal graveyard. Echo steered our daughter directly to Lolly’s tombstone on their first ride after Lolly passed away. Despite the cemetery being located deep within a small forest, Echo found Lolly’s burial place and paid his respects.

RIP Lollypop.

Australian stock horse
Echo – still pining for Lollypop



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